Foreign language SMS not working?
Did a search on the boards but could not find anything of relevance. When I send text messages in foreign languages (Russian, in my case), they come through completely as underscores ("_") instead of characters. The same happens to special characters in English text messages (e.g. accented e in resume). I have an HTC Trophy (WP7) and this problem occurs whether I send messages to another US Verizon customer (including people also using HTC Trophy) and to users on other networks (e.g. iPhone 4 on AT&T). I can receive completely legible texts in Russian from users on other networks (e.g. AT&T) but not from users on Verizon (same thing, a bunch of underscores) so I assume this is a Verizon encoding issue. Is this going to get fixed at some point? Are there any workarounds short of using email/Facebook? Thanks! D
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