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Forwarding Text Messages from Motorola Droid

Does anyone know how to forward text messages from a Motorola Droid to email? I cannot find the FORWARD feature to my text messages and I REALLY need to get these to email.

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Re: Forwarding Text Messages from Motorola Droid

Hello! This is Noah with Verizon Wireless, I hope you are having a great day. I would be happy to address your post today.

To forward messages from the Droid Device, you would first go to your messages by clicking the message icon. Once you go to messages you can see the list of messages, you would then select the message you want, then select the thread in that message you want to send by pressing and holding down on the thread for 1-2 seconds, you will get a message menu, there you would be given the option to forward. Press forward, then enter the email address in the send field. Then send the message as normal.


From the home screen, touch the applications tab (located on the bottom of the screen).

Touch Messaging.

Touch the desired message.

Touch and hold the area outside the message / attachment.

Touch the desired message option.

Not all options will be available with all messages.

Lock Message

Locks the message.

Copy attached to SD card

Copies the picture to the SD card.


Calls the send of the message.

View Contact

Shows contact details

Add to Contacts

Adds the sender to contacts.


Forwards the ringtone / sound to a desired 10-digit number.

View message details

Views the details of the message.

Delete message

Deletes the message.

Delete thread

Deletes the entire thread.

View slide show

View slideshow of attached pictures.

Save as ringtone

Saves the ringtone to the phone.

Copy message text

Copies the message text.

Press the menu button for additional options.
Not all options will be available with all messages.


Call the person

Add subject

Add a subject to the message


Attach an image (currently only supports images)

Insert smiley

Inserts an emoticon

Delete thread

Deletes all of the messages in the thread


Shows additional options

All threads

Goes back to the Inbox

Add to Contacts

Add sender to the contact list

You would choose to forward, then you can enter the email address in the field where you would enter the mobile number in a regular message. Then send as normal.

Re: Forwarding Text Messages from Motorola Droid

Thank you Noah! I was looking for a solution to this also!

Re: Forwarding Text Messages from Motorola Droid


How might I forward all text messages as they arrive, I am consolidating my work phone and personal phone, so call forwarding is easy, how about text?