Galaxy S4 - Text Message Issue Very Repeatable

Here's what happens - and there are only 2 paths.

1. I write or reply to a text, hit SEND, and it goes right away. Crazy fast.

2. I write or reply to a text, hit SEND and the little waiting circle spins for 2 - 5 minutes, gives an alert that Message Not Sent and puts an explanation mark next to the message. I hit the explanation icon and it goes instantly.

There is not 3rd option. It's exactly the same every time.

Path 1 happens about 50% of the time and option 2 happens 50% of the time. Doesn't matter who I'm sending to, what carrier they are on, where I'm at in the world. It's the only thing about this phone I don't absolutely love.

Verizon was not helpful on the phone and they suggested that maybe the SIM card was faulty. They sent me a new one. No difference at all.

Anyone have an idea? I'll try anything.

Thank you.


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