Get pics off a ruined Samsung Gusto?

My phone took a swim in forbidden waters, now I cannot access my pics and the phone is basically worthless.  I did the whole rice thing, but not soon enough.  I've upgraded to an LG Revere, so I'm not concerned about the phone, I just want my pics.  How do I get them off my dysfunctional phone?

Please help, they are pics of my baby girls Smiley Sad 

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Re: Get pics off a ruined Samsung Gusto?
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Community Leader

You can try using a program called BitPim (google it) and a USB connection.  Looking at the specs, it doesn't have the capability to store the pics on a removable card  Smiley Sad  so unless BitPim or a good tech can get to the internal memory and rescue the pics, they may be lost.

Anything you don't want to lose, send as a text message to your email address and save to your computer! (Or use a phone that has SD card storage)  Late for the Gusto, but you can start now.  Don't depend on the phone to keep stuff safe.