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I regret ever going with Verizon!!! I have fought and fought for almost a year to get my gift card and I still haven't gotten it! I turned in 7 I phones and went with you guys with the hopes of that gift card to pay sprint off.. Instead I got to pay them money out of my pocket...... I've called I've texted and nothing!!!!! I still have no card and no answers!!!! I have sent in a bill form sprint multiple times and still nothing you asked for the stuff I send it and still nothing...... So if anyone is planning on switching please don't do it!!!!!!  Also I have the worst service and that just another issue!!!! I guess the old saying is true " you get what you pay for" ...... I have been treated completely wrong  and I've been lied to its just a shame!!!!!

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Hello! This is definitely not the experience we want for you. We are here to help, and want to do everything we can to make sure you have no issues receiving your gift cards. We will be sending you a Private Note shortly to investigate this further with you. *Bryan