Giving Up on Message+ (Pixel XL)

I'm finally giving up on the Message+ app on my Pixel XL. When I first got the app, I absolutely loved it - the ability for all the customization.  Due to all the various updates since last spring, the specialness of the app has been lost.  I've gone through all of the various steps to correct the problems.

The first issue started last summer(?) with one of the updates.  Every time the phone was turned off or restarted, I had to go through the whole set-up process again (MDN changed or lost).  Pain in the bazooka!  The last steps suggested by a Verizon rep are ineffective...

  1. Change default app to standard Pixel phone app.
  2. Go to Settings, Apps, Message+, force stop of app.
  3. Turn off phone (wait 30 seconds).
  4. Start phone.
  5. Go to Settings, Apps, Message+, confirm app is still stopped and delete data and cache.
  6. Turn off phone (wait 30 seconds).
  7. Start phone.
  8. Go to Settings, Apps, Message+, confirm app is still stopped, confirm no further data and cache are stored, uninstall app.
  9. Turn off phone (wait 30 seconds).
  10. Start phone.
  11. Reinstall Message+.

This solution never worked - through all the Message+ updates.  Based on other threads in the forum, promises to other users were made that the Verizon team was aware of the issues with the Pixel phone and the Message+ app and would be fixing it.

The latest update - no more customization of Message+ background with anything else other than the standard backgrounds.  No more capability to add my own avatar (image) to my profile.  And still the initial problem from last summer exists.

I'm not an [removed]  with phones - back in the dark ages I was hacking the old time flip phones and the first generation of Motorola smart phones.  Phones got too expensive for me to [removed] and play with, so I stopped doing that several phones ago.  My point is, I'm not [removed].

I'll be attempting to find an old apk version of the Message+ app and see if it works with the latest OS updates.  Til then, I'm back to the the old standard app.

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