Hi All,

I have a couple questions regarding the Verizon messaging service. My personal iPhone 6 is set up with Verizon, however, my work just purchased me a Samsung S6 but its will At&T. Is it possible if I set up Verizon Messaging on the Samsung S6 where I can receive my personal texts on my Samsung phone through Verizon messaging.

The reason I ask is, I prefer to carry only 1 phone on me, I can forward phone calls easily however, I don't want to miss any personal messages when I only have my work phone (Samsung At&T)?

Furthermore, I download the app last night for my iPhone 6 (Verizon) received the code and its registered. However, when I downloaded the app on my Samsung (work AT&T), I never received a code and received this message through the app "We are unable to connect your device to synchronize with Verizon Integrated Messaging service. You can attempt to reconnect your device to Verizon Integrated Messaging thought the  Settings menu of the application" Not sure what this means or how to reconnect.

I hoping this is possible - if so, let me know

thank you


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