Had to download Message plus to see a video?

Okay so I’m an iPhone user and don’t know much about androids. My girlfriend has an android phone and has had it for about 6 months now. We’ve sent pics and videos to each other plenty of times and this has never happened. Last night I got a text that was like a screenshot of a video and it said “you have received a video. Download message+ to view the video” and included a link to the app. It looked like spam so I texted back and made sure she sent it, which she did. So I downloaded Message+ and viewed the video. It was also saved from the internet, it wasn’t something she recorded herself if that makes any difference.

Does this mean she sent it to me through Message+? She said she sent it like she always sends videos through the regular messaging app and thought the size was too big or something so that’s why I had to download the app? I really don’t know how the android messaging apps work, isn’t Message+ like WhatsApp in terms of being a separate messaging application? It’s not a big deal, I’m just confused and want to understand why this happened. Thanks!

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Re: Had to download Message plus to see a video?
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sg112811, we apologize for the scare with the receipt of this recent message. Message + is indeed a different messaging application. The Android devices will have both 

message + and the manufacturer installed messaging app. When an Android is sending a message that is longer in content or larger than the manufacturer installed app allows, when attempting to send the message the user will then be given to send the message via email or Message +. In this case, I suspect that she simply selected the Message + option when she received the size warning with other options. I hope this helps to explain.

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