Help! Message Desktop (PC) and phone don't work well together

I work on a Windows 10 PC all day and use the Windows Store version of Messages to be able to type texts from the PC rather than texting from my phone. At the end of the day when I am no longer sitting in front of the PC messages can come in and my phone will not alert me that I have a message. No sound, no notification on the lock screen nothing.  It's not until the next morning when I sit down to work that I see messages that have come in.  This is very frustrating! 

I think Messages Desktop worked better before it became a Windows Store App. Is it possible to get the .exe download again?

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Re: Help! Message Desktop (PC) and phone don't work well together

when the reply comes into your pc, does the phone receive the same message, just without notification?

using a 3rd party messaging app might be why the phone isn't giving a notification.

Re: Help! Message Desktop (PC) and phone don't work well together
Verizon Employee

elorithrah, making sure you are notified of all your messages is important. If you're like me, we both rely on messaging more than calls. I want to help make sure you're getting those notifications.

The first thing I'd recommend is checking the notification settings for Verizon Messages on your phone. I can help give you instructions on what to check if I knew what kind of phone you're using. Please let us know what kind of phone you are using. Also, have you had trouble with notifications for any other apps?

With regards to downloading a different version of Messages for the computer, the download available through the Mircosoft App store is the current version. There's not currently a .exe file of the latest version available for download.


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