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I have an iPhone 4  and my husband had a LG G3.  He was having a lot of issues with his phone freezing, not charging, shutting down at random points, the screen going black, not turning on etc.  the other day then, I got a text message from him with just a simple smiley face.  Now, he was texting his daughter at the same time from the Phoenix airport.  He said he never sent a smey face but it is still in my messages.  Then a few minutes later, I got 3-4 text messages that were between he and his daughter and they just showed up as messages from him and a few minutes later were no longer there.  Is there any explanation for this other than me somehow monitoring his phone, which is what he thinks now.  Any ideas or experience would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

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Re: Help, random texts
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It is very odd that you are receiving messages from your husband that were not sent to you. Let's investigate into this. Are you and your husband both using the factory text application on your devices or a 3rd party text app? When you received the messages from him was his daughter still receiving the messages?

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