Here is Solution for Messages + update where contacts get stuck in chat after latest update.

I do not use it and never will.

Sorry to say my brother does.

First off the rant.

Why pay extra for something like Messages +. You do not need it stop giving Verizon your money for their bloatware, they will keep adding more and more and slow down your phone.

So if you really want to stop this nonsense uninstall and use a free one!!!!!!!!

The official solution is:

Verizon Customer Care reps have no clue on the problem. If you need help doing this insist on being put through to their next level actual technical support. They will acknowledge the problem. Customer Service will not.

The official solution as of the morning of 2/5/17 is to uninstall all updates and go back to original program then disable auto updates for the APP.

That is right folks, the fix for something you are paying extra for and should be getting quality coding on is to go back to original stock version.

So just change now and stop giving your money to a company that does not care.

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