Horrible Customer Service
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I have had several issues with Verizon Wireless over the last several months. To include paying full price for an Iphone 6 that they said wasn't insured. Which it should've been. Apparently only 2/3 of my phones were covered. Silly me I opted to have No coverage on a brand new Iphone, doubt that.

Next issue-Now I have to provide Assurion, who Verizon Wireless set up as my insurance carrier on a Droid 2, proof that the phone they've been charging me  since July 2012 for a phone that has not been active. The only way to get proof is through Verizon Wireless. I have spoken to several reps on this issue and as of last week the rep took my cell number and said a supervisor would return my call. Well shocker, no return call and it's been a week.

I seriously hate the customer service through Verizon Wireless. If there was another carrier that got the same or comparable area coverage I would gladly switch.

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