Horrible Rep. Exprience
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on 02/01/2021 at about 2:20pm Pacific time I spoke to a Rep about some fees and she did not want to help. Her name is Gloria she is the manager of the call center. She kept raising her voice and did not want to hear my issues.  Also we have been hit with covid and I still managed to pay my bill. I was late and got my line disconnected for a few hours and paid right away so I got a disconnection fee as a loyal customer of over 10 years I asked if those fees can be removed. She kept complaining that they helped people because of covid but not once did I get help. I also told her I was going to disconnect my service for my bad experience with her and she just said it was fine. She also called me the customer IRRESPONSIBLE. I ended the call with her and called again I spoke to a new rep and all they had to do was transfer me to financial services and they were glad to resolve my issue. Tamara from call center gladly transferred me to Stefanie in Financial services and she removed those fees right a way with out asking a thing. It is crazy how I got to experience the difference between customer service. I have never wrote a bad review but this was a must I really dont think Gloria is fit to be a manager.

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You know when your bill is due. Modern phones have easy to setup calendar events. Verizon has an app you can pay from, a website and an IVR. You don't get a reconnect fee until you are really late. Verizon even gives the option to setup payment arrangements to avoid things like reconnect fees.

Verizon did offer differed payments last March when Covid was just getting started, but that was awhile ago. People have since found other jobs or gotten unemployment. Typically you get a reconnect waiver once every 12 months, if you got courtesy credits before they aren't likely to do it again.

Threats of switching carriers doesn't really work. The person on the other end isn't paid enough to care if you stay or go. Not saying you were upset without reason, but I'm guessing the first person you worked with has been there awhile. I also hated the world much less before trying customer service. It's a real soul sucker.

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Very typical of managers and supervisor talk over you and ignore your issue or concerns like other reps they know nothing will happen to them one rep told me " I get paid regardless" says it all had a Mike not long ago on a hour and half call he was silent for an hour of that and blaming me for that never answered my question I asked several times when he woke up to babble and after his last 20 minutes silence hung up on me o have had a supervisor silent for 8 hours and more

Re: Horrible Rep. Exprience
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Thank you for reaching out to and for the information. We strive to provide the best customer service and I apologize if that was not the case during your previous interactions. This is never the experience that we want you to have. I am glad that you were able to get the assistance that you needed when calling in again. We can definitely forward the feedback to the correct team and this way everything is reviewed. Please let us know if there is anything else we can help with.