How Do I Easily Download Pictures When Running Windows Client?

The only way I've found to download a picture to my PC when running the Windows version is to move from the text thread to the Message+ console, select Content Finder browse through all pictures shared in the text thread (there could be hundreds), select the picture, click menu (...) then Save.  Please tell me there is easier way (you would think you could right click the picture on the text thread, choose Save and be presented with a Windows Save As dialogue).  Not only is this more than awkward, I did look through the Content Finder for all pictures in a text thread and while the picture is in the text thread window, it is not in the Content Finder selection window.

vzw_customer_support Please tell me there is an easy, more direct way to download a picture when running the Windows client.

ps - this is easy to do in the Android client on my tablet

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