How Do I Reach A Person Who Can Resolve a 1 Year Old Issue for a 15 year Customer?

I have been put through the ringer by Verizon over the past year. It has been the most phenomenally humiliating and time consuming event of my entire 15 year Verizon experience.   In the fall of 2016, I purchased the Note 7 that ended up having the battery issue.  Although I was having no trouble with my phone and wished to keep it, I was told it must be returned. I get it.

I decided to go with the Google Pixel XL.  I had to place 3 separate orders to actually get that phone. The first two, Verizon cancelled with no notice - no email, no phone call, no text - just cancelled it.  With the third order, I called every day to monitor it and even with it it was put on hold, delayed, you name it.  It was important to receive this phone on time because I travel with my job and could not board a plane with the Note 7.  Finally it arrived - late - but in time for the next trip on October 21.

In November/December time frame the GPS part of the phone just went crazy.  It would never report the correct position.  After several different tech support calls they finally had me return it.  I had to send it back under warranty.  The new Google Pixel XL arrived early January.

Now for the good part.....

In March 2017 the Samsung Galaxy S8+ came out and I just wanted to get back to the Samsung phone that I had intended to be with to begin with. I called Verizon and was told that I could get the Samsung Galaxy 8+ by paying off my current device (Google Pixel XL) and trading it in.  That I would get a promotional credit for trading in the Pixel XL that would all wash out to what it cost me to pay it off.  Sounded like a no brainer to me.  So I paid the $724.80 balance on the Pixel XL and ordered the Samsung Galaxy S8+.  Once the Samsung phone arrived I put the Pixel in the return box and all was good just like the rep assured me.  No action I needed to take other than send the Pixel back.

As you know, trade in credits with Verizon are delayed by one or two billing cycles.  You know, just enough time for you to stop looking for it and forget about it. So now it is November 2017 and as I was looking to buy new phones for my family for Christmas it occurred to me that I never saw that credit. Sure enough, it was never applied and I did not get any sort of discounted payment plan either.  Essentially, Verizon received a phone and never alerted anyone that any action neeeded to be taken.  They just sold it to another customer and kept on trucking.  Money in there pocket.

So I started an online chat and was assured if would be taken care of and someone would follow up with me the next day. Didn't happen - shocker.  So I waited two days and called back.  Spoke to Marissa in the trade-in department who had me complete a trade-in form online which is the step the person in March skipped (actually told me they would take care of it - didn't happen).  Marissa, told me she found the promotion and altogether I would be getting a credit of approximately $750.  She was going to follow it through and make sure everything was smooth.  Sound familiar?

A week later I called and the trade-in department reported they couldn't locate the trade it.  They didn't alert me or anything.  Was just going to let it lay which seems to be the standard protocol I guess.  So I was transferred back to the trade-in department.  The rep mysteriously located the device (as had two reps before) and had everything taken care of.  I would be getting a $480 credit in monthly credits not the one time credit.  She was sorry the previous rep gave me the wrong number of $750.   So now I am out $270 because several Verizon reps mislead me and was told there was not one single person higher in all of Verizon that could make this right for a 15 year never-missed-a-payment customer with 9 lines.  I could either start a thread here or write a letter.  Write a letter?  really?  What year is this?  Isn't this a tech company?

So Verizon, I've shared my complaint.  The question is, what are you willing to do to keep my business?


Kevin [removed]

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