How can I delete custom Auto Reply messages in Message+ on my Galaxy S7?
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I've created 5 custom Auto Reply Messages in Message+ on my Samsung Galaxy S7 before realizing I could edit the existing message.  Now I have multiple custom messages I don't need and can't get rid of.  Anybody have any ideas?  I emailed Verizon Corporate and talked with an assistant to an executive team member who told me Tech Support would call me.  They didn't and haven't...

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HSpirit1, we are glad you are enjoying your Verizon Message+ features, yet we are also saddened to see a Tech Support Representative never reached out to you. Administering some app options can get tricky, but we want to guide you in the right direction. Please use this link to manage your Auto Reply function in the Verizon Message+ service:

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The response I received was not helpful.  The follow up I anticipated from Tech Support did not occur, and the last contact I had with them I was told the rep would talk with the software company that developed Verizon Messages to seek an answer.  I replaced the phone (at great expense) and installed Verizon Messages again thinking I was starting with a fresh slate.  THE SAME ISSUE presented itself again.  So... my only recourse has been to delete Verizon messages and encourage friends and colleagues to avoid this app.  It creates problems while advertised increased convenience.

I'm disappointed in Verizon.

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These instructions worked perfectly for me.  Thank you!!