How can I fix my droid so I can see text messages again?

When I text, I can compose a new message no problem, send it with no problem, and the other person(s) receive it with no problem. It is the viewing unread messages that is going all haywire. When I know I got a text, I unlock my phone, pull down the notifications bar, click view unread messages, and then it leads me to my messaging app with all my text messages. The problem is, it is all my old messages. You know how when you get a new text, it is highlighted in blue above all your other messages? My phone stopped doing that! It has nothing highlighted. I have tried turning it off, taking away my signature, searching for the unread message(s) and everything but I still have to compose a new message to the person i was texting without actually knowing what they replied with. PLEASE HELP I DON'T WANT TO GET A REPLACEMENT!!!

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Re: How can I fix my droid so I can see text messages again?
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Are you using handcent sms or a text app? if so, uninstall it. If no, boot the phone into safe mode. What kind of droid is this? the original droid? droid x? bionic?  You can also call tech support but its really annoying to wait in line its much easier to google your model droid safe mode and it will tell you how to do it. When in safe mode you should be able to see them. if not, you need to do a master clear aka reset. Save your info and reset it and that will fix it for sure.