How can I get help troubleshooting text messaging?

I have an iPhone 5S.  My husband has an iPhone 5S.  I also have VZW Message+ on my Windows laptop and on my iMac desktop.  For the last several days, I have had intermittent problems with my text messages.  For example, I sent a text to my husband's iPhone earlier today.  He received it and sent a response.  His iPhone shows his response was "delivered," but it never appeared on my phone or on either computer.  (Yes, iMessage is shut off on my phone.)  Anyone else having the trouble?  Can anyone suggest a solution?

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Re: How can I get help troubleshooting text messaging?
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Messages+ is a great way to stay connected NurseBon. Let's make sure you don't miss any messages. Does this happen with all contacts that you text or just when you try to text your husband? Are calls and data working on your phone? Do both phones have the Verizon Messages app installed?

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