How can I tell if someone has blocked me from calling or texting them?
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Please keep in mind that while I am a Verizon member the person I am trying to get in contact with has a different provider not Verizon. We got into a little bit of an argument (that is me and a friend) and so he said he would never talk to me again. This was like a week ago. But anyways I felt so bad and after doing so much thinking I went to apologize. I tried to send him an I am sorry picture in a message but I kept getting the red check mark and when I called Verizon they told me it means the message you sent has not been delivered or the person never got it. But when I send a regular (no picture) message the red check mark does not show up. So how can I tell if this person has blocked me or if they have not? I am just curious is all if there was a way to tell thanks.

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Yes, as noted in your other thread:

a red check next to a text message means that the message wasn't delivered.  It could be because your number is blocked or it could be a network issue.  Maybe the picture you attached was too big ... there are size limits for photo texts.


I saw a service menu to block picture message only because depending on his plan, he would be charged at a higher rate for the picture message. (In Verizon.)  If Verizon does this, then other carrier may do so, too.  It's unlikely that someone blocks a particular person's pic message ONLY but not txt msg.