How do I connect Google contacts with Verizon Messages on the PC?

I'm currently using Verizon Messages on 4 devices, my phone (Moto X), my tablet (Nexus 7) and 2 Windows 10 PCs. Although the app works great on the phone and tablet, when used on the PC I fail to see any of the contact information and instead only see phone numbers. I keep all my contacts info in Google contacts for access across platforms and I would like to hook Verizon Messages on my PCs into my Google contacts account the way I have been able to with the android apps.

Currently I'm using VM version 1.0.16. I've done some reading on this issue and have tried a few thing that have been unsuccessful.

(1) On both PCs I have my google contacts connected to the Windows 10 People app but that doesn't seem to help.

(2) I've tried to enter the contact info manually into VM for each contact but that is incredibly time consuming and results in duplicate contacts on my other devices which I don't find acceptable.

(3) I also refuse to move my contacts into the backup assistant. I find that app difficult to deal with and the only thing it accomplishes is to duplicate or triplicate the contacts on my other devices. It's also only a temporary solution (if it even worked) since new contacts are updated to my account multiple times a week and I don't have the time to keep uploading them via CSV files.

If someone could help me with detailed instructions on how to connect the PC version of VM into my google contacts I would appreciate it. I know a lot of people who have the same issue and although I sincerely want to stay with VM if this can't be resolved very quickly I'll be forced to move to a third party app that doesn't have these issues.  

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Re: How do I connect Google contacts with Verizon Messages on the PC?
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Thanks so much for reaching out to us to look into this. I understand how important it is to be able to access your contacts while using a messaging application. At this time the Verizon Messages service is only designed to sync contacts with Verizon Cloud for contacts. Hopefully in the future, additional account sync types will be added. If you have an immediate need to sync with google contacts, I would recommend using a different application of your choice. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope you have a great day.


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