How do I delete my email account off my Samsung Gusto 2?
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I've tried to delete my yahoo email account off my Samsung Gusto 2 but it says my app has expired and to either buy or cancel. I clicked buy and it costs $6.99 for one month to use it that's ridiculous. If it's not one thing it's another.

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Re: How do I delete my email account off my Samsung Gusto 2?
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Hi HaleyChristine08,

I completely understand wanting to make sure that your email account and subscription is taken care of correctly on your device. We definitely are here to help and would love to make sure your set up with any and all features you'd like in a plan that works for you.

Were you using the application Mobile Email? Which version are you using if so? Here are the steps to delete an account for verison 5. If you have a different version, be sure to let us know and we'll find you the directions you need!

For our post paid accounts,  you can add this to your account monthly for $5, or it is included in our More Everything plans! Our prepay accounts do have the option for $6.99 per 30 days for access to this feature.

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