How do I download/backup the conversations from my "Message+" app on my tablet?

My phone and my tablet are out of sync, and I need to backup a conversation that I had while typing on my tablet.

Both my phone and tablet show the conversation, but the outgoing messages are not showing up on my phone.

Also, I tried to backup the conversation using "SMS backup + restore" (and a few other apps) but none of the outgoing messages are being saved (while using the tablet).

Thanks, I could really use some guidance on this!

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MattH20, I can understand the importance of having all the messages saved and synced. I would recommend on doing the following. In the phone, open your Message+ app, tap on the three lines in the upper left corner of the phone, Tap on Settings, Tap on Unsubscribe, once that is completed please follow the same steps and re-subscribe to the service and check the messages.

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