How do I file a formal complaint with corporate

I would like to know hot to file a formal complaint against an employee at Verizon. My phone received a message yesterday which said that I have NO SIM or NO SERVICE. I paid my balance yesterday in the amount of approximately $300. Then later in the day I went to your store  at the following zip code 07094 and purchased a new phone and paid over $100 in taxes for the new phone. I was unable to pick it up the same day, however I picked it up this morning and later today when I tried to activate my phone I hit a block. The block I hit was entering my Verizon pin which as I stated to the customer service rep I never had or had used. During the course of the conversation I repeated myself several times as she was obviously not paying attention to my needs. Despite this and despite answering her questions regarding the phone numbers on the account she did not seem to register or care enough to hear that mhy previous cell phone does not have service. When asked if I had access to my sister's phone I answered that she was nowhere near me.  She then refused outright to assist. I requested a supervisor as I realized that the individual I was dealing with obviously did not show any care or concern towards a paying customer. I can't explain her motivation to refuse to service me and discriminate against me outright. I felt belittled and humiliate.  She refused to transfer me to a supervisor despite several requests. I would like to file a formal complaint against her immediately to resolve my problem. If I do not hear from anyone with the next few hours I will proceed to file a complaint for fraud, theft and discrimination with the Better Business Bureau and will share my humiliating experience on social media and throughout my personal FAMILY and FRIENDS network. I have been a loyal customer for the past 20 years. Today maybe my last day. Please contact me at my registered email immediately. Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.  

Re: How do I file a formal complaint with corporate
Customer Service Rep

We're sorry to learn that you had a poor experience when dealing with a device issue, mtorres4202. I know that I have a certain expectation when I reach out for assistance with my service providers as well, and would be equally as upset if this had happened to me. We'd like to gather some more specifics so that we can lift this up. Please be on the lookout for a private note from us.