How do I get rid of Message+?
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I use the text message app that came with my phone.  I do NOT WANT Message+.  I keep getting messages "asking" if I want to use Message+ as my default, yet it seems to have disabled my usual texting app.  I can no longer send messages from the texting app that came with my phone, as it says "Sending Disabled".  Your [removed] Message+ app is effectively hijacking my [removed] phone.  Don't come at me hyping Message+ functionality like I can't live without it, just get it OFF my [removed] phone!!!

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We want to make sure you are able to use your device messaging services. To better assist please provide the phone model and type you have. I am sure we can find a solution to your issue today.  JasperM_VZW

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Without knowing what make & model phone is being used, generally speaking, access the Application Manager on your phone and scroll to Message+. Chances are the app can't be removed from the phone, but, should be able to be disabled.

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Also, on my Samsung Galaxy S4 & S7E, I have the ability to choose a preferred app if multiple apps that accomplish a common task exist. The phone in question may have that capability too. If it does, reset the preferences, open the stock messaging app and make it preferred.