How do I start a new group text.. group vs MMS option??
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I am having trouble finding the answer to this question also.  The answers I have read so far all seem to be partial/incomplete answers.

Just as the OP stated, when sending a text, and you get to the screen where you select the recipient(s) that you will be sending the text to... if you choose more than 1 person, then a little option bar appears that says:

"Recipients Reply To:  ○Group  ○MMS  ○Just Me"

and then you have to choose 1 of those 3 options that are given.  Now, I haven't yet seen a clear and specific answer about exactly what each option is, ESPECIALLY the description and differences of the "Group" and "MMS" options.

Someone please help!

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’Group’ uses features and functionality specific to the Verizon Messages+ App, so its best to use when all participants are also using that app.

‘MMS’ uses standard multimedia messaging protocols so its best to use when messaging a group across different networks, apps and device types.

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Thanks so much!