How do I use Integrated Messaging to restore the last 3 months of messages onto my new device?

I've been using the Verizon Message+ app on my tablet for the last few years without much issue.  I like how texts can be sent/received on both my tablet over WIFI as well as instantaneously on my flip phone over the normal cellular network.  A few days ago, I finally got a smart phone.  Anticipating that transferring the texts would be easy, I didn't take any contingencies.  This afternoon, I decided to check one of my old messages on my tablet.  Bad idea.  Upon opening, the Verizon Message+ app promptly nuked itself.  Once it was done having a fit, the app's was completely bare with no sign of any of my old text messages.  My entire text message library with all my friends, logged in the years I've used Message+ was gone from my tablet.  Upon investigating, my understanding is that Message+ uses features of Integrated messaging to sync SMS service across multiple devices.  I believe I should be able to restore the last 90 days worth of messages at least onto my new smart phone.  But it doesn't seem to be working at all.  When the app on my tablet went nuts and gave itself amnesia, did it also erase everything on the server as well?  I would appreciate any suggestions on how my old text messages can be recovered.

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