How do I use the same notification tone for all contacts in Verizon messages?
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I have a Galaxy S9 Plus. On the Verizon Messages app I used the menu in the upper left-hand corner and set my notification tone. The strange thing is whenever I get a new text in which there is no conversation to begin with I hear my tone. However, when the conversation is already there I get the default Verizon ringtone. I know I can change this by editing the notification in each conversation but it's a little annoying especially since I clean out my messages and delete everything frequently.

Does anyone know how to set the app so that the same ringtone comes through no matter who it is and whether or not the conversation has already been started?  I realize I could just use the default Verizon notification and that would solve the problem but it's not the one I want to use. I'd appreciate any help because I've tried  everything!

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