How do i check pix texts on an old flip phone?

I'm getting pix/flix text on my phone but they dont go to the inbox with regular texts.  i'm getting charged a lot and cant even find the txt to check or stop them.  how can i check these?

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Hi there, watchgirl624! Sorry to see you're not able to view your incoming pix/flix messages. When these are sent to an incompatible device, we redirect the messages to your online account at When you log in under your mobile number, you'll be able to review them under your Verizon Cloud account. If you haven't set that up yet, you can do so there.

If you no longer wish to receive picture messages at all, blocks can be put in place to discontinue the service. Please let me know if you're interested in putting that restriction on your line. I'm hapy to help!

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