How do you send large files via Message+ to other app users without auto resizing or failure? Verizon FAQ says Verizon Messages can send 100mb files??

Per the S8 FAQ (Ensure Picture / Video Message does not Exceed File Size Limit | Verizon Wireless ), Verizon Messages is capable of sending up to 100mb files to other users.  However, every time I send a larger picture file to another Messages user (typically around 4mb), the picture gets resized to < 1mb just like a normal MMS message.  I can see that both on the other user's end, as well as in my VZ shared media folder that the picture was downsized to around 750kb.  Similarly, I tried to send another larger file to test (15mb), and received an error that the file was too big to be sent using Message+.  If there is truly only a 100mb file size limit, why won't the app stop downsizing and throwing too large file errors?

I have looked thoroughly through the settings and there is nothing I can modify on my end that will allow this functionality.  I have a Galaxy S8 on Verizon with both the software and the application up to date.  I have tried this process with multiple other users, multiple file types and also tried using the app to MMS an email to myself - same error.

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We do know the importance of having options on your phone that meets your needs, sloppyseconded. We are here to help. Researching the resizing concern for MMS, we are sad to say that there is no option to turn that off. It is depended on the phone model itself. 


Regarding the larger files not sending, this can also be a limitation of the phone as well. Have you tried connecting to Wi-Fi to send a larger MMS or file? Have you tried sending a larger files to another user with a Galaxy S8 using Message+? 


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