How to stop Messages+ from auto-scrolling?

This seems to be a common problem among all messaging apps that is quite infuriating.  I am in a text messaging group with 6 other people and it's not uncommon for me to be getting text messages from this group on a constant basis all day long.  The problem is if I step away from my phone for a bit and come back I might have 50 or so unread messages from the group that I need to read through.  The problem is once I get up to the first unread message and start reading and another message comes in the app immediately jumps me to the bottom and I have to scroll back up all over again.  Ideally the behavior of the app should be that if I scroll back up to read unread messages any new messages that come in should not cause the app to auto-scroll to the bottom.  Once I get all the way to the bottom auto-scrolling would then resume as new messages come in.  I looked around in the settings and there does not appear to be any way to set this behavior.

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Re: How to stop Messages+ from auto-scrolling?
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HI ScootMcGoot,

Thank you for your message and sharing your experience.

I will share the feedback with the developers to test the 'scroll' issue for a fix if it is a bug. if not a bug,

Thanks for your patience!