I Think I Found A Couple of Bugs
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First of all, I love all the improvements with the new Verizon Messages + app. I've had a love/hate relationship with this app, sometimes hating the new versions and going back to older ones, but I think you've turned a corner here. But I have found a couple of very irritating bugs. The first one is when I send someone a photo stored on my phone. On my screen, the photo will switch to another photo I sent them previously. They do get the photo I meant to send them, but on my phone it looks like I sent them the wrong photo. The next time it does it, I'll come back here and post some screenshots to show you exactly what it does. The next bug is the bug reporting itself. On the app there's a selection to report a bug. I just tried to report this bug, but when I did, it pulled up a list of my recent contacts and asked me who I'd like to report this bug to. Since I don't know anyone at Verizon, and I'm pretty sure none of my family can fix it, reporting the bug to them was useless. So there's two bugs I have found with the newest update on the app. I love the newest updates, don't remove any of the cool stuff like making .gif images and being able to add text and stickers to the images. My kids love that stuff. Good luck on tracking that bug down.

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