I am having problems with people not getting text messages from my new I phone 5.

I recently purchased and had activated a new I phone 5. Since then, I have been having problems with my husband not getting my text messages. Some go through, while others do not. We share the same plan with Verizon. I have tried powering off and rebooting phone, I have deleted his contact number and put it back in with the area code and also I went and cut roaming on as was suggested by another comment under the discussion forum. So far nothing is working. Can someone please help. I had a black berry before and we had no problem with text messaging. Thank-you.

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Re: I am having problems with people not getting text messages from my new I phone 5.
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Hey there tjc1lake!

I am so sorry to hear that your husband isn't getting some of your messages! I know that we want the two of you communicating as much as possible! Let's make that happen!

My first question is, are you using iMessage or just standard text message? You have the ability to use the data network (not voice like normal text) and send an iMessage since both fo your have iPhones. They show up in blue in your message history and regular texts show in green. The iMessages may not go through because you aren't connected to a data network and then you may have a setting turned off to send via SMS (text message). Can you please check and see which messages are not going through? Then go under Settings, iMessage and make sure that Send via SMS is ON so that if they cannot be sent via the data network that they still go through.

Are you able to send/receive from other people just fine and do they have iPhones? Have you also had any other troubleshooting done? Please let us know and we'll get this figured out!


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