I can no longer send vtext message from my Optimum online (Cablevision) account.

I can no longer send vtext message from my Optimum online (Cablevision) account.  Now only vtexts sent from Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo get through.   This is a recent development. 

According to Optimum the vtext message has been sent.  I never get a delivery failure message.  Vtexts used to show up on my old Droid Razr and Droid Raze Maxx.  They do not show up on by new Google Pixel 3.  Neither Google nor Optimum can help.

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We understand your concern to keep using your online services. Our Vtext has not updated since 2016, and is no longer supported. You may still use the service and send individual messages, but we cannot guarantee that your email provider will support our Vtext code. You email provider could have updated their security code preventing our Vtext from working. Should any other questions come up, we are here for you.


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