I can't REPLY using Messages+

I downloaded the Windows desktop application, created all my contacts, registered my laptop - the whole nine yards.

I get a text message and can't REPLY.  Spoke with a tech support person and they want me to log into My Verizon and use the online message version.   FOR WHAT?   Just to get autologged out after 5 minutes of activity?  What is the point of having Message+ if you can't REPLY to the message?   And if the message is too long - all I can see is the first preview line - I can't OPEN the message to see the whole thing.

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Re: I can't REPLY using Messages+
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mrsmoe53, I know the frustration of not having a working app. At face value, if you are only receiving texts, then there was a problem with the install. Since the start of this trouble, at any time has the program been uninstalled and reinstalled on the computer?

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Re: I can't REPLY using Messages+
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That issue usually occurs when installing the app on an work device. The app works one-way because it is running into a business firewall.

If this is NOT your scenario, please let me know.  Also, the web app can be set to 'keep me signed in' so that you are not auto signed out.