I can't send text messages to one specific contact...Need help!

I have an LG Enlighten, and all of a sudden it stopped sending text messages to one of my contacts.
I had been texting the person throughout the day, and suddenly an Error Message Code 105 and sometimes

36 popped up. What is going on?


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Re: I can't send text messages to one specific contact...Need help!
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Hello broik! One of the top things on my list of troubling things related to my wireless device is an unknown error. Let’s get this mystery solved! You pointed out that this is occurring with one of your contacts. And since that’s the case, it’s possible that the issue may not be on your end. We can confirm that by sending test messages to that contact from a different platform to see if they go through. Try the messaging option at this site: https://web.vma.vzw.com/vtext/guest/Dashboard.do

The best part about this is that you can track the test message to confirm if it’s been delivered. If it doesn’t go through, I recommend calling your contact to have them reach out to their carrier for assistance. If it does go through, I recommend reviewing the contact on your device to collect and record the information (name, phone numbers, email addresses, etc), delete the contact, and then re-add and try your message again. Please let us know the results. Thanks!

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