I cannot beleive VZW does not have a way to black ALL international calls

My husband has been receiving harassing international call for well over a year. He answered the first few and there were a couple of girls laughing and speaking in a foreign language. He has not answered these calls since but they will not stop. Yesterday he received 33 calls from the same number. They use so many different numbers and area codes it is impossible to block them all. VZW of course wants him to change his number but it is a business number and they may be too costly to us. So yesterday I had to sign up for usage controls which is $5 a month/ $60 per year to try to stop them. I load in the max of 20 numbers allowed by VZ to block and this morning when we checked his phone the was a totally different number on the missed call list!

I cannot believe a company as technically advanced as VZ does not have a way to block ALL international calls.

Does anyone have any suggestions other than changing his number?

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