I cannot receive text messages

I am having a problem where I cannot receive text messages. I can receive MMS, however.
All other aspects of my phone are working. I can successfully send out text, use data, and make and receive calls.

I have turned my phone off numerous times. I have also done a second level reset.

I spoke with a couple of verizon customer service reps, one in customer service, then another in tech. They were so nice and tried very hard, but my issue was not resolved.

My phone settings are correct, and to my knowledge nothing is wrong in the switch, no known issue in my area, and my device was re-registered. I forgot their name for it. But I had to turn my phone off for them to do it. (I use to work with AT&T, from my understanding, it reconnected the phone to a tower)

What happens when my friends try to send a message, they get a "message failed" error, or else it shows it sent, but I do not receive a message. I expect when the issue does get resolved, I'll be getting a ton of messages all at once lol
Other than a master reset, are there any other options I may try? I have some valuable photos on my phone. I would hate to lose them just yet.

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Customer Service Rep

Hi Millie-Vanilli. SuzyQ had quite a few great questions for you that would help us find out what's happening with your service. If your friends are getting a "Message Failed" error though, that tells me it may be something further in switch as you mentioned. We may simply need to file a Resolution Ticket. You've already put a lot of work into getting your messages working. So if you're still having trouble with receiving those text messages, please send me a message through http://bit.ly/aUgBIy and then reply to this letting me know the message was sent. I'll have you up and running.

Thank you

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Community Leader

Did you recently port your number, or change your number?  Is this a new device?  What kind of phone do you have? 

If the above answers are NO, then I would ask if you have ever been able to receive text messages, and if so, then when did it stop - what changed at that point?