I cannot send or receive text messages without the data/wifi turned on

Hi, I cannot send or receive text messages without the data/wifi turned on, the last plan I had (with at&t) was just talk and text (no data plan) and I was able to send/receive texts.

I don't have wifi in my apartment so I like to keep it on airplane mode, it's irritating to have to turn off airplane mode periodically during the day/night just to see if I have any texts.

Is there anyway around this? Is the problem with my phone, Verizon, the messaging app, me?

I'm using an LG K20 V, I've tried both messenger+ and LG's messaging. One gives me a message that says- "No network connection, Would you like to send when digital service is available" and the other says- "airplane mode is on..." and then it has the same message as messager+

Thank's for your help!

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I can't edit the post but I think I figured it out during an argument with my sister (I spent 2 days googling this question...) There is a difference between airplane mode and disabling data, Now I'm poking around my phone trying to turn my 4G off. 

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We always want you to have the option you are looking for, available on your phone like shutting off data. We are here to help. 


It's good to hear that you tested your phone with Airplane Mode Off. That feature of the phone shuts off all service to the phone, so calls and text would not work. 


Here is a link giving you steps on how to shut off data in your phone https://www.verizonwireless.com/support/knowledge-base-209998/


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