I unsubscribed from the integrated messaging web app?

I accidentally unsubscribed (well, purposely, but I thought I was doing something else) from the integrated messaging web app, and it's saying there's an error everytime I try to log in. I've been using the web site to text for the past few days since my phone's battery is going bad and barely holds a charge. Is there any way to resubscribe to the web app, so I can use my laptop to text again, or is there any other apps I can add to Google Chrome or Firefox, to text from? I don't have a tablet or anything else to use, just my phone and laptop, and I'd rather use my laptop to preserve my battery.

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Re: I unsubscribed from the integrated messaging web app?
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Have no fear, Verizon is here! I'm glad to see that you enjoy using the intergrated messaging app. It's a super easy method of communication to use, especially while on the go. Let's get you re-connected so you can message away. May I ask which browser are you using? Also, have to verified that you are using the correct information at the login screen? If so then try changing the password, on your phone if successful, then retry on the computer. Let me know your findings, just in case more help is needed.

Thank you...

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