If a text message is deleted in a 3rd party app and i Move to verizon's app do the deleted msgs get restored?

I've tried using another app, and well it has issues so I'm looking to move back to message plus, but I want to make sure deleted messages are not restored automatically, and that there is no chance of new read/delivery receipts going out.   There are messages that have been deleted in the 3rd party app that I must ensure don't get my new number via a read receipt or delivery receipt 




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Thank you for reaching out to us today. We would be happy to answer all your questions. Setting up your Message+ application will not restore deleted messages. If you have conversations on other messaging apps like Google Messages or a native texting app those are transferred over. When that happens the messages are not sent again to the contacts or number rather the conversations are just transferred to the new app. Does this information help?  ~Roger