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Hi all,

I am from the United States, so my phone has a United States data plan.  However, I bought an international data plan, and I am currently in Italy and would like to text my girlfriend who is also in Italy.  We both have Verizon and use iPhones (I have a 4S; she has a 5).  Since we are both in the same country, will we be charged for international texts?  Thanks.

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Re: International Texting Question
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Hey TryingToAskAQuestion!

And a great question you have asked. After all, international rates abroad can be a little expensive so let's avoid that at all costs. Based on your description of things, there are a couple of different scenarios to play out. Even though both you and your girlfriend are in the same country abroad, you are subject to being charged international texts. The rates are $0.50 to send and $0.05 to receive. However, good news does come of this as you each have iPhones. If utilizing iMessage, those transfer over data so if on Wi-Fi, no worries at all; if simply taking advantage of the international data plan, that's where those texts are coming from (and it's minimal for iMessage). I hope this has answered your question and enjoy Italy!

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Re: International Texting Question

So if traveling internationally with my iphone through verizon, if I am on wifi only I can text, to other iphones, and utilize the internet without a global plan?  I will be traveling in the UK at the end of March and was about to research what I need.  Do I simply keep our iphones on airplane mode to avoid any unnecessary charges?  Just don't want any post-trip surprises!  Thanks!

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Yes you can iMessage while on wifi without global plan, ONLY on Wifi though, if no other plan, My suggestion is if you still at least want to receive calls and texts, instead of Airplane mode, turn Cellular Data off. Go to Settings>General>Cellular and turn the Cellular Data off Smiley Happy but if you do text each other, 50 cents to send 5 cents to receive, so if you two are on the same plan, you will be charged pretty much 55 cents per message, same applies to calls as well, and the rate for UK is 1.29 a minute unless you wanted to opt into a Voice Value Plan for $4.99, it would lower the per minute rate to .99 a minute.

Re: International Texting Question
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If I am using the verizon mobile app that uses wifi to send text messages, will that "count" for my international texting usage (I have a plan with a fixed number of texts, and I don't want to exceed that.)?