International texting

Hello.  I have an Incredible 4G Smartphone.  Am I correct in that Verizon is now offering free unlimited texting Verizon to Verizon anywhere in the world at no additional charge?  I presently have unlimited talk and texting within the United States as part of my contract.  Thank you.

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Re: International texting
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If you are on a MORE Everything Plan, then texting from your Verizon cell phone while you are in areas covered by your plan, then messages that you SEND to international phone number (ie non-US numbers) are included in the plan at no additional charge.

* Unlimited Messaging is for sending and receiving (i) text messages (also known as SMS) and multimedia messages (also known as MMS) - including picture, video, voice, audio, location, group and contact messages - in the United States; (ii) text and multimedia messages sent via email; (iii) text and multimedia messages with customers of wireless carriers on participating networks in Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands. Premium Messaging programs not included.