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Is it possible to disable Message+ Audio Recordings?

Is there any way to disable the audio message recording button in the Message+ app?  I sometimes find that while I am not even holding the phone (it is sitting on a table) that it has sent a very long (10-12 minute) audio recording to the SMS recipient that is open in the app.  You are supposed to have to hold down the microphone button to make it record, then when you let off of the microphone button it will send the audio recording.  However there is no way I am holding the button for >10 minutes.  I have had to deny the Message+ app permission to use the microphone, but unfortunately that means I can't take a picture or video and attach it to a message from within the app.  This is not an issue that happens often, but every few weeks this seems to happen and I am not happy about my personal conversations being recorded and sent to someone.  I would like to be able to disable this feature, or at least make it ask for a confirmation before sending it.   The microphone button I am referring to is in the bottom right of the attached image.   

 Screen Shot 


Re: Is it possible to disable Message+ Audio Recordings?
Customer Support

Lemmy999, thanks for reaching out. We would not have the ability to remove this feature from the software of Message+. When did this start happening? Please keep me posted.