Is there a way to have a Group Text (using Message+) have replies go to the sender *by default*?

  As a setting of the group?     I found a very similar question already asked and the answer indicated that it was an option that could be set.   But try as I might, I could not find such a setting in the options.

If someone replies with an answer, can you please include a screenshot of where the option is?

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Great question! Although group messaging is smooth and easy using Verizon's Messages + app, there is not an option available to have replies go only to the message sender by default. I apologize. However, there is an option to "Mute" a group conversation if needed. This link will provide additional information about this option at: Once you've accessed the website please scroll down to the link titled "Mute a Group Conversation." I hope this information is helpful. - RobertC_VZW  


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