Issue: I have problem not receiving texts sometimes.
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I have problems not receiving texts sometimes on VM+. I've narrowed it down that they get stuck in the stock Android messenger appbon my Turbo 2.

I have VM+ on default messenger when this happens.

Because of this issue I didn't get a important text for over 5 hours after someone sent it. I then checked Android messenger and it had received it the time it was sent.

I really like VM+ but I can't use it if my texts aren't coming through, so I hope someone has suggestions.

I've restarted, reinstalled VM+, rolled back VM+ and cleaned cache. No help.

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VersionName: 6.4.39
VersionCode: 30698
Build Number: 9
Build Date: Thu Jun 15 22:33:47 UTC 2017
Last Build Number: 0
Manufacturer: motorola
Model: XT1585
Product: kinzie_verizon
SDK Version: 24
OS Release: 7.0
OS Incremental Version: 7

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We want to be sure you get all of your important text messages, wirespider01 and I’m happy to help you today. Let’s go over a few details to ensure this issue is eliminated.

Can you please provide us with your zip code? Just for clarification, has anyone else had a similar issue with messages in the area? When did you first notice the trouble with the VM+?


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Zip is 17264. There is no one I know that uses Verizon messages+ besides

me. Everyone I know uses their stock messaging app. Some have Motorola,

Samsung galaxy and iphones. I don't know of any of them not getting

messages. Well, the more I think about it, my wife has mentioned once she

never got a text from someone. Her text was sent to her when she was out of

service but she never got it when she came back into service. That was a

while back. Mine does it more frequently and at home. I use the newest

network extender in my house because we lack having service...

Thank you for your time.