Issues with Egift ?
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These transactions were for 2 $100 dollar ebay egifts (one did work), charged to my bill decembe bill and a $25 uber egift as well, However after over 10 reachouts, no resilutions, or even contact back after they said they would look into it no follow up emails, and 2 agents said they would refund, (I called immediatly after order) and 3 agents were clueless of the feature at all, mabey contact Ebay? Lol , Ebay would be able to identify who the gift was given to if they have no record of sale from me to them.  If they are able to identify who the gift was given to, its likely that the gift would have had to be received in order to do so; gift cards require no registration to receive them, but in ebays case the code would need to be first applied to a registered ebay account before it could be applied to a purchase after which it would be untransferable.  Seeing that the code has not yet been claimed and has not been applied to any ebay account,& seeing that Verizon was the sole seller of the product and also the deliverer of the product, and that product was not received effectively, when you buy these cards, it sends an image of it, when you click it, it flips around and reveals the code on the back of the image, 2 out of my 3 cards purchased  did not flip, therefore no code!!!  So, I have seen many comments simular to mine, where the heck does this money go? No refund? No code? No Verizon support, no ebay support? So I'm just out the money like everyone else? What a deal! And I've been on this service over 20 years (back when it was qwest) and carry 4 lines.

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Re: Issues with Egift ?
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I use that eGift function as well, it is an awesome way to send gifts to one another. The amount of time invested thus far I know has you frustrated, and I have no doubt these clarifying questions have been asked.
What message do you see when redeeming the eBay and Uber eGift? May I have the make and model of the device the eGift was received and sent on? The reason for asking is that you mentioned it not flipping .

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