Keep getting texts with pin numbers
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I keep receiving texts from Verizon with a pin number. I have received 20 texts from February 2017 to this month (May 2017). I have called Verizon customer service, they can't tell me what action is generating the pin numbers, but always say it's nothing to worry about. I'm not reassured. The texts always say "VZ Messages PIN:######". I am not doing anything on my end to generate these texts, nor is anyone on the account. Does anyone know what might be generating them, and more importantly, what can I do to make them stop???

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Re: Keep getting texts with pin numbers
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You’ve taken the right steps by reaching out and giving us a call, ChristyH463. I did some searching through the forums to find others in your same position, and I found the following thread:

Are any older phones being used?

When using your device and selecting this link, are there any updates to the Verizon Messages app?


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