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LG Extravert 2 issues x(

Okay, so this is me, SUPER frustrated and quite a bit aggravated.
I bought a Verizon LG Extravert 2 a little more than a month ago. A few days later, the issues with my brand spanking new phone: My text messages won't delete (at first it let me delete them individually, but then it wouldn't do anything at all), it shows none of my sent messages whatsoever, I could not receive any media messages (pictures and whatnot) , and any messages I received shortly after came up as [no content] with a received and stored time of 12:00 AM of that day. After taking it to a Verizon store and waiting weeks, with NO answers, they decided that it must be just manufacture error. So they took my phone and mailed it off, sending me another identical phone shortly after.

Well, I've had it a few weeks now and it seemed to be working fine. But just today, it refused to delete any messages ONCE AGAIN. This is ridiculous! Two phones that have been paid for in full have "malfunctioned", and all the "experts" have to say is "we're working on the issue"?

I would like to know why this is happening. My brother has the exact same phone as I do and he's had no issues with it yet. I have the auto-erase inbox setting on, yet it does nothing when my inbox gets full.


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Re: LG Extravert 2 issues x(

Is there any app you installed a few days after you got your first phone, and now again with the second phone? You may have installed an app that is conflicting with your texting program. Have you tried using a different texting app? Your phone probably came installed with a couple different options including a default texting program, Verizon Messages, and Google Hangouts. If you haven't already tried a different texting app then try one, and see if that makes a difference. Have you installed anything like a task killer? If so, it may be set where its closing the app(s) that are associated with the texting program.

Re: LG Extravert 2 issues x(

I've been having the same problems with the Extravert 2.  I just ran across what appears to be a software update dated 8/20/2014, here:


LG Help: Product Support and Troubleshooting | LG USA

Hopefully, this is the fix we've been waiting for!

Re: LG Extravert 2 issues x(

There is a software update for this phone. I had the same problem shortly after I bought it in May. The software update did not come out until August, however. I had downloaded the Verizon Software Update Assistant to my lap top shortly after I started having issues, and I checked for the update for the phone on a regular basis. Once updated, I was able to delete old text messages. However.....Now the phone won't allow deleting incoming or outgoing phone numbers, unless they are immediately manually deleted. People think this is no big deal, but I have read that some people have had "Memory Full" issues with this phone, and incoming and outgoing phone numbers being stored is part of "memory" for this phone, because it takes "memory" to retain them. Hopefully there will be another software update before I have the "Memory Full" update. to your stored text message problem....there is a fix for that. Good luck