LG V20 unable to send MMS
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After a factory reset, I am suddenly unable to send MMS using Verizon Messaging.  I get "Unknown Error".  I also cannot download my previous text messages. I get a message that says, "Please subscribe to Integrated Messaging to create Integrated Messaging Service account. With Integrated Messaging, you send and receive on your phone, are also available on your tablet and PC".


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Re: LG V20 unable to send MMS
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It can be frustrating with not being able to send MMS messages via the Verizon Messaging app, Emtownsend1. Let me get work on this issue and fix it. Can you make calls on your device and connect to the internet? Did you update any apps on your device including the Verizon Messages app after the factory reset? Here's a link to steps to use ensuring everything is up to date http://vz.to/2bcfv1l . Also, make sure you are subscribed to the Verizon Messages app as this might clear the unknown error message you seen. To restore your previous messages in the Verizon Messages App, access it and use the menu selection on the left side of the device. Then tap the "Restore Messages" tab and allow it to process the request. Please post back with the results.


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Re: LG V20 unable to send MMS

Here's what you do. Download YAATA, navigate to Settings > MMS, manually configure the APN settings in the following way:

MMSC Url: http://mms.vtext.com/servlets/mms

MMS Proxy: (leave blank)

MMS port: 80