Letter for spending at Verizon
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I received a letter through my Verizon account claiming they had decided to run a soft credit check and decided to give me some internal rating of 100 which is below the range starting at 250, to allow spending with Verizon. The letter claims they found no credit history but also mentioned delinquencies and too high of credit. I literally looked at my Experian report 5 min after receiving this letter and all my accounts are in good standing, I have actually paid 3 cards off, I have a mortgage, one of my accounts has been active since 1998 at least, and my credit is in the 800s. So how do I have no credit history and how do I have delinquencies? The only way to contact the credit department is a random PO box that I think someone else has a said is an invalid address. I already called customer service and they don't have any phone numbers or emails to contact the credit department. Why does that not surprise me? So is there anyone who has had any luck with dealing with this issue? I plan to write a letter, as so far this is the only way to deal with this but maybe someone else will have advice. Frankly, I don't care to spend any more  money with Verizon anyway but if this could eventually affect my credit and my life, that will really make me angry.